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Technical and content writing

I will write original content for your technical documentation and communications in accordance with the specific requirements of your project brief.


The project brief should include:


  • a full document description – title, subject and overview, and the intended audience or readership

  • the required house style and layout (with a document template, if possible)

  • copies of and/or hyperlinks to reference information and data that should be included in the new document.


If necessary, I will research additional information. Please provide details of any relevant sources of background information.


I specialize in writing content for business and technical publications and documentation. For example:


  • user guides/instruction manuals

  • business reports and procedures

  • technical manuals and reports

  • project specifications

  • product/system installation manuals

  • operation, maintenance and safety procedures

  • sales and marketing support literature, e.g. blog articles

  • website content.


Please note that I do not write student academic documents on an ethical basis.



 Please contact me to discuss your requirements  together we will find a solution.

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