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I will proofread your document and identify and correct the following types of error:


  • spelling

  • punctuation

  • grammar

  • typographical

  • page layout and presentation.


I undertake both copy and 'blind' proofreading. ('Blind' is without the original copy of the document to compare with.)


Please note that proofreading does not include editing or rewriting your text or the checking of any facts. If you require more than proofreading, I will be happy to undertake either an edit or a rewrite of your document.


Don't worry if English is not your first language. If you have translated a document into English, please consider having it proofread to remove any errors and inconsistencies.

Document editing

If you wish to enhance the readability of your writing, I will edit your document by reviewing, clarifying and improving the flow and quality of its text.


I will identify and correct the following:


  • errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • inconsistencies in style, layout and presentation

  • factual inaccuracies and/or any contradictory information

  • text that may be ambigious or repetitive.


If significant parts of the text would benefit from a rewrite, I will produce new content and update the document.


Please note that I do not rewrite student academic documents on an ethical basis.

When proofreading or editing, your document will be corrected:


  • using track changes (you will need to send me the original document in Microsoft Word), or

  • by marking the hard copy or PDF document you have provided, using either commenting tools or British Standard proofreading symbols and marks.


Your preference will need to be confirmed before any work is commenced.



 Please contact me to discuss your requirements  together we will find a solution.

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